14 December 2007

I Am NOT Legend

A friend and I went to see I AM LEGEND tonight with Wil Smith. This is the third theatrical remake of the Richard Matheson novel of the same name and which is now an all too familiar plotline: The last man on Earth is not alone.

The original film version LAST MAN ON EARTH with Vincent Price is definately dated but stuck close to the 'creatures' if you will turning into vampires as was the case in the original novel.

The second remake, OMEGA MAN , and the current I AM LEGEND make out the 'creatures' to be survivors of a deadly virus.

The first hour of I AM LEGEND is pretty good but the second half falls short and becomes just another 'zombie' movie. The dark humor and intelligence of the OMEGA MAN 'creatures' is missing from this current remake. I have to add, the best performance in the whole movie is by Wil Smith's dog, a german sheppard.

Seriously. The pooch shows humor, drama, fear....is great in action sequences and is even heroic!!! Traits that come across blandly in Wil Smith who basically plays Wil Smith....singing along to Bob Marley and quoting Shreck [...don-keeeey!!].

And talk about short...this film has a long set-up and just when you think things are gonna get interesting....IT ENDS!!! What the fu--!!??

I have a five point rating system for films:

5. Pay full price and worth wating in line on opening night!!!
4. See it the following Monday and avoid the lines yet before someone tells you the
3. Matinee!!!
2. Cable or dollar theatre!!
1. Network tv if its showing after a Simpsons re-run!!

This one gets a 4 and that is only because the dog is sooooo good and I support more film roles for canines!!!!

I'm out.

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