25 September 2007


50,000 years ago a meteor fell from the sky and impacted the area of Northern Arizona between Flagstaff and Winslow. While out spinning some dirt I decided to go for a hike..actually, you drive up to it and can hike around the crater.

Before you get to the crater you come across this deserted tower standing watch on a mesa that over looks the whole area. It stands alone with no gate. Solitary. A tower without a guardian. There is however a sign that reads NO TRESPASSING. Yeah...I did..how else could I get the cool pics in my last post.

But I digress. As mentioned the meteor crashed into what was then open grassland dotted with woodlands. Humans had not migrated to North Amercia yet..that would come around 13,000 years ago, Wal-Mart a few thousand years after that. The only audience for this massive impact were woolly mammoths, giant ground sloths and camels...yeah camels!!! Go figure. Anyhow...a couple years later it was turned into a tourist attraction complete with gift shop and a Subway. Here's a look.

I'm out...and about. If all goes well next weekend should be interesting too!!! Come along...you can ride shotgun!!
Took my aunt out for the day...everyone liked her red hat.

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